In 2011, Trista Hendren founded Girl God Books to support a necessary unraveling of the patriarchal world view of divinity. Her first book—The Girl God, a children's picture book—was a response to her own daughter's inability to see herself reflected in God. Since then, she has published more than 25 books by a dozen women from across the globe with help from her husband, Anders; mother, Pat; and son, Joey.

Trista Hendren is the Creatrix of Girl God Books. Originally from Portland, Oregon - she now lives in Bergen, Norway with her family.

Monette Chilson recently partnered with Trista Hendren to launch the community learning initiative at Girl God Books. She has written about the divine feminine for the past decade, authoring Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga (Bright Sky Press, 2013) and My Name is Lilith (Girl God Books, 2017). She edited Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves (Girl God Books, 2019) and wrote the companion Lilith Circle Guide for group study in 2021. She has contributed to national magazines, including Yoga Journal, Integral Yoga Magazine and Elephant Journal. Monette's work has been featured in several anthologies, Yoga Wisdom: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On and Off Your Mat and Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak. Connect on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@MonetteChilson) or explore her work at www.MonetteChilson.com

Patricia Lynn Reilly has been inspiring women for over 25 years. Her iconic books, poems, and trainings have traveled around the world. Patricia's books include: A God Who Looks Like Me: Discovering a Woman-Affirming Spirituality, Be Full of Yourself: The Journey from Self-Criticism to Self-Celebration, Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself: Embracing Your Wholeness & Wisdom, I Promise Myself: Making a Commitment to Yourself & Your Dreams, Words Made Flesh: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose, A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman's Perspective and Love Your Body Regardless: From Body-Judgment to Body-Acceptance. Find her books here: https://thegirlgod.com/patricia_lynn_reilly.php


Pat Daly is a mother of three daughters and proud grandma. A published author/writer on career and job search issues, Pat lives in Portland, Oregon. She has edited all of The Girl God books from the beginning.

Elisabeth Slettnes is a world-renowned artist living in Lillehammer, Norway. She primarily works with oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. Elisabeth illustrated the first 3 books, The Girl GodMother Earth and Tell Me Why. You can see more of Elisabeth’s paintings at:www.elisabethslettnes.net

Arna Baartz is an artist, writer, educator and poet. She has been finger-painting from the beginning when her father, also creative, encouraged her by taping paper to the walls of their home and letting her loose with paint. As a result, she is an expressive artist with a belief in non-judgement, often purposely leaving her ‘mistakes’ in an attempt to allow the unfolding to participate in a finished piece. Arna influenced by her mother's creative story telling, also enjoys stringing words together to create a feeling. Poetry and writing fill many secret corners of her colourful life. 

Her arts practice ranges in extremes from the creation of small and playful to large and serious. Most of Arna’s work is an extension of her philosophical nature, bringing her gifts of personal insight and joy. Arna has won and been selected for many art awards including those of prestige and has had both art and words published extensively around the globe. Her first and favourite claim to fame however, was being held upside down and used as a paintbrush by Australian Artist, John Olsen. This fun was had at a workshop in St. John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, 1973. Her writing and poetry has also been published throughout the world in a plethora of magazines and online forums.

Arna is delighted to have the opportunity to create in this lifetime. Her art, words and poetry are transcendental to a degree and offer the intention of unconditional love and hopefully a little dab of inspiration to anyone else on a similar journey. Arna's more recent publications include, New Love - a reprogramming toolbox for undoing the knots (co-authored with Trista Hendren), My Abundant Universe, The Creative Warrior, The Animals Know it and The Sun is in my Mouth.

Kat Shaw
prides herself on breaking through the stereotypical views of beauty that have been cast upon society by the media, having made her name painting the glorious reality that is a woman’s body.  

Her nude studies of real women garnered unprecedented popularity within only a few short months, as women were crying out for themselves to be portrayed in art, rather than the airbrushed images of the perfection of the female form that are so rife in today’s culture.

After graduating with a fine art degree, Kat achieved a successful full-time teaching career for 14 years and continues to teach art part-time whilst passionately pursuing her mission of world domination by empowering as many women as possible to reach their fullest potential by embracing their bodies and loving themselves wholeheartedly. 

Kat spreads her inspirational magic through her artwork, her Wellbeing business “Fabulously Imperfect,” and her dedication to Goddess energy.

Reiki is a huge part of her life, and as a Reiki Master, Kat is committed to sharing Reiki, teaching Usui, Angelic and Karuna Reiki, and channelling Reiki energy through her artwork to uplift and heal.

As a Sister of Avalon, Kat also works directly with her Goddess consciousness, connecting to Goddess and Priestess energy and translating it into Divine Feminine infused paintings to inspire women and spread Goddess love. 

Kat is also a bellydancer and an avid pioneer to improve the lives of rescue animals, and mum to a gorgeous teenage daughter. Her art is often chosen for covers of Girl God Books and she has appeared in many of our anthologies. She has three books in the works with us as well, including Changing history to HerStory.

Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. has been on a Goddess path since 1979. She is the author ofPaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion, which fuses the indigenous traditions of Old Europe with scientific theory, feminism and a poetic relationship with place.She now lives in country Australia. Glenys has facilitated Seasonal ceremony for decades, taught classes, and mentored apprentices. She is the author of the children’s book My Name is Medusa, and co-editor of the anthology Re-visioning Medusa: from Monster to Divine Wisdom. In 2014, Glenys co-facilitated the Mago Pilgrimage to Korea with Dr. Helen Hwang. Glenys is a contributor to Goddessses in World Culture edited by Patricia Monaghan (2011), and toForemothers of the Women’s Sprituality Movement edited by Miriam Robbins Dexter and Vicki Noble (2015). She produced PaGaian Cosmology Meditations CDs, and teaches a year-long on-line course "Celebrating Cosmogenesis in the Wheel of the Year" for both hemispheres. Her website is http://pagaian.org


Kay Turner has been teaching and working pastorally with children and adults since 1996.  She graduated from Durham University with a BA (hons) First-Class in Theology in 1995 and went on to study a PGCE in Religious Education at York St John the following year. 

She worked in Secondary Education as a teacher of RE, Psychology and Health and Social Care, a Curriculum Leader and a Sixth Form Head of Year between 1996 and 2016, apart from a short career break during which she gave birth to three children, completed a Counselling qualification and MA in Theology. 

Kay visions, speaks and write.  She is an activist and advocate for the Feminine, the growth of Sacred Womanhood and embodiment in education.  She works as a Sacred Educator supporting clients individually and in groups, facilitating workshops and retreats.  Kay creates online and in person courses and resources for all settings, skill sets and age ranges.  As a lifelong learner, since 2016 Kay has qualified as a Wellbeing Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher, a Trainer and Advanced Practitioner in Energy Medicine, Mysticism and Shamanic Healing and has completed training as a Rose Lineage Priestess training and Somatic Erotic Educator.

Kay writes and edits for Girl God Books and contributed to the Girl God Anthology Warrior Queen, Answering the Call of the Morrigan.   Currently she is co-editing the upcoming Girl God Anthology Re-Membering with Goddess: Healing the Patriarchal Perpetuation of Trauma.  

Tamara Albanna has always been connected to the Goddess, even when she didn’t realize it. As a Doula and Childbirth Educator, she witnessed divinity first hand through other women. Now as a writer, artist, Reiki healer and Tarot reader, she hopes to help others overcome their difficult pasts while healing with the Divine Mother. She has published two books on Inanna—Inanna's Ascent: Reclaiming Female Power (co-edited with Trista Hendren and Pat Daly) and My Name is Inanna; two books on Willendorf Willendorf's Legacy: The Sacred Body (co-edited with Trista Hendren and Pat Daly) and My Name is Goddess of Willendorf—as well as three poetry chapbooks, As I Lay By the Tigris and Weep, Rosewater, and Kismet. Tamara currently resides in Europe with her family. She can be found at https://tamara-albanna.com

Susan Morgaine is a Daughter of the Goddess, Priestess, Witch, Writer, Healer, Yogini. Her writings can be found on PaganPages.org, and MysticalShores.wordpress.com/blog, along with The Girl God Anthologies, Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak and Jesus, Mohammed and the GoddessInanna's Ascent and Original Resistance—as well as Mago Publications She Rises, Volume 2, and Celebrating Seasons of the Goddess. She has also been published inJareeda and SageWoman magazines. She is the author of My Name is Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, the fourth of the “My Name Is………” series of children’s books published by The Girl God. She is currently co-editing On the Wings of Isis: A Woman's Path to Sovereignty, which is scheduled for Summer 2021.

Susan is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach/Facilitator through Imagine A Woman International founded by Patricia Lynn Reilly. She has long been involved in Goddess Spirituality and Feminism, teaching Kundalini Yoga classes, Goddess Spirituality workshops and Priestesses a local Red Tent. She is a member of the Sisterhood of Avalon. She can be reached at MysticalShores@gmail.com and her website is www.mysticalshores.com

Jessica Johnson is a contemporary witch and tarot reader who has been on the pagan path for about 20 years. Jessica is a mom of 3 active kids and also runs a tarot reading business, Stellar Tarot. Jessica loves to garden, read, write, paint, and knit. She has a YouTube channel, StellarRainDancer which is dedicated to talking about tarot, witchcraft, shamanism, and pagan parenting. She has been a Daughter of the Morrigan for a few years now, and is committed to bringing a modern, fresh take to the pagan community on working with traditionally darker goddesses. Her first book, My Name is The Morrigan, was published in 2018. She is currently co-editing Warrior Queen: Answering the Call of The Morrigan, which is scheduled for Summer 2021.


Photo:Melissa Ponder
Lennée Reid is trying to make sense of it all and find peace. They facilitate meditation and speak about all kinds of social justice issues including race, feminism, poverty, being a survivor and the environment. Lennée has featured and slammed across the USA and is published in;Farm to Table, The UPS Dirt! Project, Creative Colloquy, The Bus Stop Project, Tattoosday, Lost Tower, Panegyria, Works In Progress, Spectrum Women, Strangefoot, and her chapbooks Universal State of Mind andQi Woo Mojo Juju published by The Girl God. She also contributed to Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy and Inanna's Ascent. She was The Olympia Peoples Mic first WOWPS representative, opened for Pussy Riot, was heard on Paradigms, Tell It Slant, and Wheel of Wonder.

Her spoken word poetry album The Second Coming of Matriarchy is available at lenneereid.bandcamp.com

Follow her @lenneereid and her blog "asliceofmysticpi" at mamamystic.wordpress.com


Sharon Smith is a writer, ghost writer, editor, and proofreader with a passion for helping women reconnect with their Authentic Selves and Voices. She loves and honors the Great Mother in all Her many forms, and has a deep connection to Nature. She identifies as a Green Witch and follows an eclectic spiritual path that is a blending of Native American and Celtic Teachings, both in her ancestral line. Sharon has been a frequent Girl God contributor to many anthologies and is currently working on a revised hymnal.


Joey Morris

Joey Morris is a Celtic Creatrix and UK-based daughter of The Morrigan. She is an author, creatrix CEO of Starry Eyed Supplies, and co-owner of the What the Flux podcast. Within the spiritual landscape, her soul mission is to deepen the understanding of our interconnectedness by honouring the sacred and exploring the masks of the self through channelling relationships to the Divine through written work, poetry, videos, products, and services. A long-time Girl God Books contributor, Joey co-edited In Defiance of Oppression – The Legacy of Boudicca with Trista Hendren and Pat Daly.


The Girl God Videos

The Girl God video is narrated by Arika Rapson.



The Mother Earth video is narrated by Arika Rapson.