Changing history to HERstory

Changing history to HERstory is based on the ground-breaking and uplifting art exhibition by Kat Shaw, highlighting the amazing women who have walked before us and changed the world.

Praise for Changing history to HERstory
"This fabulous celebration of women from very different backgrounds and accomplishments is spine tingling. The co-mingling of inspiring quotes, stunning artwork and delicious life stories is compelling and life enhancing. Kat Shaw captures the essence of how women have, do, and can, live full, empowering and creative lives. Reading this beautiful book will change your life for the better. The perfect liberating gift for yourself and others. A joy to read."

-Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, author of Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel, Executive coach, Poetess and Priestess of Avalon.

"In a world where we know the terrible effects of social media platforms on the hearts and minds of women and girls, this book provides a solution.

There is no airbrushing, no smoke and mirrors to be found here, just glorious womanhood.

Scars, stretch marks, lines, fullness.

A life survived, a life well-lived.

Accompanying these beautiful images are stories and words by some of the most powerful and inspiring women in Herstory, past and present.

Kat's ability to capture the divinity of all women is remarkable, she sees us as we needs to see ourselves. She makes us all into the Goddesses we truly are.

What would your life have look like if you had these images instead of the ones we are bombarded with?

How would you in turn look at the divinity of your own body?

This book makes the perfect gift for the beautiful Goddess in your life. It's magic, just by having it, you start to see yourself the way you truly are."

-Tamara Albanna, Author of Kismet and As I Lay by the Tigris and Weep

"An inspiring book of art and soul. A beautiful celebration of the words and lives of women past and present who are transforming herstory for us all."

-Lucy H. Pearce, author of Burning Woman; Creatrix; She of the Sea

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