Somatic Shamanism

"We are the Tree of Life. Our path is not up and out but in and through."

Somatic Shamanism is a practice undertaken in a grounded, non-bypassing, and safe way. Shamanism is the life path of one who knows. The Tree of Life is the entryway of connection and travel whilst journeying. In the case of Somatic Shamanism the entry point is the body. Somatic means of the flesh and so this shamanic process cultivates your own 'fleshy knowing'.         

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. Every culture had its own shamans - medicine women and men - and so we are all able to access our own shamanic lineage - our fleshy knowing and innate ancestral wisdom. Somatic Shamanism connects you to your body and invites you to experience it as a portal to the intelligence of your forebears. Your blood, your organs and your bones - all aspects of your embodiment - contain insight and perception.

This workbook offers you an overview of shamanism and the concept of the tree of life. It contains a structure and a set of exercises which take you in and through the body to activate and engage your shamanic self and knowing.

Scheduled for Summer Solstice 2023.


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