Re-membering with Goddess

Understanding trauma is liberating. Healing trauma is revolutionary. Speaking about trauma is political. Women and their bodies are no longer willing to be silent to or be the secret store of patriarchal abuse, control, and power. Goddess is showing the way, cell-by-cell, emotion-by-emotion, sensation-by-sensation. Healing trauma is a portal for freedom and a gateway to societal and collective change.

Re-Membering with Goddess is an anthology of women's experiences of trauma—trauma as a result of patriarchy; trauma perpetuated by patriarchy; and how through personal healing of trauma the Goddess is re-membered, re-embodied and resurrected.

As repeating loops of trauma restriction release--in the mind, body and nervous system—Goddess is re-embodied and rises... and the patriarchy falls.

“This book is an extraordinary jewel, unveiling the insidious trauma that has been perpetuated by our patriarchal culture, onto women, in the last 5000+ years.  It clearly unveils the ‘all too common’, intimate, painful, physical, psychological and spiritual experiences of women that have been often silenced and denied. Re-membering with Goddess shows us what it means to be a woman in a society, in which ‘anything female’ is denigrated, disparaged and abused overtly and covertly, even by those that are supposed to love us. Challenging to read at times, it is rewarding to witness the unrelenting spirit that lives within each woman, and unfailingly inspired them to liberate themselves against all odds and reclaim the actual foundation of what a woman truly is.”

-Leonor Murciano-Luna, PHD, doctor, healer, mystic, artist & author of Birth of the Conscious Feminine, Evolution of our Feminine Soul and founder of theFeminine Path APP.

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