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My Name is The Morrigan

An introduction to the Irish Goddess of Life and Death, written by Isca Johnson and illustrated by Arna Baartz.

The Morrigan remains one of the most misunderstood goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Her mythology is a tangled web of various guises, deeds, and battles - and even her name is a bit of a mystery! Dive into the world of the Goddess of Death, and learn about what The Morrigan really has to teach us - and, maybe you'll find that She, and death, aren't so scary after all!

Praise for  My Name is the Morrigan

"In a society where we've been taught to fear death + things coming to an end, this book, through poetic prose + beautiful illustrations, will invite you to meet the goddess Morrigan. Let Morrigan be your guide as she shows you that as sure as spring follows winter, when something comes to an end, there is ALWAYS a new beginning, and that with death there is always rebirth. This is a beautiful and insightful guide helping us to revere The Morrigan + not fear her. "-Lisa Lister, author of  Love Your Lady Landscape  +  Witch

"We did not grow up knowing the Goddess. Her names and powers have been forgotten, and we've learned to fear Her sacred mysteries of darkness and death.  My Name Is The Morrigan , a stunning addition to The Girl God series, changes this Together Isca Johnson and Arna Baartz give wondrous life and voice to The Morrigan. She reaches outward from each divine page: stark and powerful, gentle and loving, gathering Her lost children back to Her side, and Her natural cycles of death and new beginnings. "-Karen Clark, Author of  Tale of the Lost Daughter  and  The Path of Her Book of Sabbats


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