Mentorship with Goddess Year Long Course

Mentorship with Goddess: Growing Sacred Womanhood by Kay Louise Aldred 

An online evergreen ‘Experience to Facilitate’ course. 

Mentorship with Goddess: Growing Sacred Womanhood by Kay Louise Aldred online evergreen ‘Experience to Facilitate’ course based on and an accompaniment to the workbook, published by Girl God Books. Cover art by Kat Shaw.  

The aim of the course is to increase accessibility and inclusion to spiritual wellbeing and resources, by offering an affordable 'Experience To Facilitate' course based on the concept of 'experience yourself to learn practically how to facilitate the content’ in order to share with others. 

Mentorship with Goddess is a rite of passage and holistic wellbeing curriculum of feminine wisdom for women of all ages. It is especially suitable for times of bodily transition - adolescence to adulthood 13-28 years and perimenopause 37-55 years. 

May every woman - regardless of their demographic - be able to access resources which support her to recover her own Sacred Womanhood - her inherent worth, sacredness and inner wisdom ... should she choose to. 

Having your own copy of the workbook is mandatory and essential before you begin.

Course Includes:

10 videos & 9 audios
Which outline and discuss the content of each module, offer facilitation suggestions, and demonstrate activities and exercises from the book.

4 Bonus Videos
Initiation and Dedication Ceremony
The Diamond Centre: Your Body as Goddess - 90-minute Live Video Recording with Kay Louise Aldred
Speak as Wise Woman Goddess - 90-minute Live Video Recording with Kay Louise Aldred
Reign as Queen Goddess - 90-minute Live Video Recording with Kay Louise Aldred

$299 for the Year Long Programme 

The Course is built on the Wheel of the Year - You can jump in at any time.  

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Meet your Guide:

Kay Louise Aldred
 is a researcher, writer, and educator, who catalyzes individual, institutional and collective evolution - through education, embodiment, and creativity - amalgamating metacognition, intuition, and instinct. Kay is a creative thinker who visions structures of change.
Kay writes and edits for Girl God Books. She is the author of three workbooks: Mentorship of Goddess: Growing Sacred Womanhood, Making Love with the Divine: Sacred, Ecstatic, Erotic Experiences and Somatic Shamanism: Your Fleshy Knowing as the Tree of Life. Kay and her husband Dan Aldred, are also co-authoring a book together, Embodied Education: Creating Safe Space for Learning, Facilitating and Sharing. The couple resides in North Yorkshire, England.
FB, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn @kaylouisealdred


About the workbook:

A Sacred Woman knows that she is the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. She remembers that Goddess already exists within her: Goddess is her DNA. Indeed, a Sacred Woman reclaims herself as Goddess – a unique strand, frequency and incarnation of her – essential for the completion and wholeness of the spectrum of the collective Feminine.

Our bodies are the gateway to recalling this truth. Mentorship with Goddess is a workbook – a year-long programme – a rite of passage – especially useful for the transition into autonomous adulthood – and also for the menopause journey. The programme can be undertaken solo or as a group. The specific aim is growing Sacred Womanhood.

Mentorship with Goddess is an embodied education and evolution, which combines metacognition, intuition, and instinct. It is principally about discovering, accepting, and loving yourself, and simultaneously protecting and vulnerably showing up as your whole Self in the world.

The concrete reality of fully embodying the Sacred Feminine will become clear as you learn and evolve through the mentorship Goddess offers. No one can tell you what it will look or feel like – you discover it for yourself. Self-leadership, self-management, and self-direction, via internal wisdom, courage, and truth, are the gifts of Goddess.

''I am so excited by Kay Louise Aldred’s groundbreaking and liberating curriculum for exploring sacred womanhood and developing Goddess mentorship. She offers a powerful sacred process of deep holding, learning and growth for women at any stage of life.

It is a compelling read containing important female wisdom, beautiful illustrations, detailed exercises and exquisite ceremony. It also offers invaluable information on understanding and working with trauma and our nervous system. Journeying through Kay’s book is life-changing and enhancing. I will be recommending this important work to my Goddess Luminary students and every woman I know.''

-Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, Founder and author of the Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel, Priestess of Avalon and Poetess.

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