Making love With the Divine

Making Love with the Divine: Sacred, Ecstatic and Erotic Experiences

The body – particularly the body of woman – remains firmly in the grip of the Patriarchy. Controlled, blamed, and ensnared in the narrative of The Fall, the fleshy encounter is deemed unholy and entirely separate from divinity.

Making Love with the Divine starts the process of unravelling and undoing this insidious and false programming, showcasing and story-telling the sacred, erotic, and ecstatic experiences of today’s ‘ordinary’ women, narrating and reflecting upon their accounts of day-to-day communion and union with the Divine. Inspired by their sharing, practises are offered in each section of the book for the reader to begin to forge their own unique and direct pathway of lovemaking with the Divine.

This book sanctifies the human mammal – our animal journey of ‘in and through’ and is an antidote to the poisonous lie that the Divine is ‘out and up’ and accessible only through religious or spiritual instruction. Making Love with the Divine bridges the schism of sacred and mundane and reinstates the extra-ordinary nature of everyday living and existence.

Written and Edited by Kay Louise Aldred.

Scheduled Publication: Imbolc, February 1, 2023


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