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Kali Rising

Kali is a figure that is known Worldwide. If you don't know Her by face, you know Her by name. Whether She is being worshipped by Hindus, used as a symbol of Empowerment in Western Feminism or looked upon as the embodiment of Sacred Rage-- Kali is multifaceted and so are the Ones who know Her by face, and by name. She dances Her dance of destruction to give way for the new. She is Ego Death. She is Justice. She is a Sharp Blade. She is a War Cry. This Anthology is a collection of stories and personal experiences from Women, Femmes and Non-Binary folks about how Kali's Destruction allowed them to LIVE and DANCE their way to FREEDOM.

"These are the days when a rage most righteous is a lantern we carry, a holy flame we trust will illuminate the hidden way forward as we continue this global Underworld journey. Here, as we walk together through the dark, we spit curses at the war-mongers, sing over the shattered bones of our broken beliefs, and hear the howls of mothers echo through the caverns of deep time. Here, in this haunted forest thick with all the old ghosts, we need poetry full of teeth and awe. We need prayers for peace, yes, but also for justice and truth, and we need to sense the unseen intelligence afoot. To that end, Kali Rising is an epic and timely achievement, another vital resource from Girl God Books for those who walk the otherworldly road."
-Danielle Dulsky, founder of The Hag School and author of Bones & Honey, The Holy Wild, and Sacred Hags Oracle

"An invitation to explore the transformative power of rage, resilience, and self-discovery.
Kali Rising: Holy Rage masterfully weaves a tapestry of stories of fierce resilience. Every chapter immerses the reader in a world where strength is found in the untamed parts of ourselves and rage is a catalyst for profound change. This collection of stories is a testament to the collective wisdom, vulnerability and creativity that arises when women unite to speak their truth about the potency of holy rage and resilience."
-Shann Vander Leek, Transformation Goddess

"A diverse group of women from around the world has come together to create this offering to Kali and women everywhere. Each of the 41 contributors shares her own unique and powerful understanding of Kali—some in words, some in art—helping the reader to forge her own relationship with this transforming warrior Goddess."
-Kim Wilborn, goddesstelesummit.com

"Power, pain, and rage are the themes of this book, but not in the way you might imagine! No longer are these to be feared by women who have been made silent, painted as soft and meek, made less. We are silent no longer! Kali Rising: Holy Rage encourages us to scream our truth and find the power we all hold within, no matter what that looks like, providing unique and varied perspectives into this often misunderstood goddess. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to find their own untamed, untethered truth."
-Emma Kathryn, Author of Season Songs: Rediscovering the Magic in the Cycles of Nature


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