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Would you like to enjoy a more ABUNDANT Life?

According to Oxfam, the majority of the world's poor are women. We all KNOW this needs to end! A world filled with abundant women would change everything!

Every day, we talk to women who are not living the life they truly desire because of a lack of money. How would your own life be different if you were not coming from a place of lack? Our relationship to money and abundance has been deeply conditioned. It takes love and patience to break out of our shackles and embrace a new reality. This October we will take a deep dive in community to heal our feelings of scarcity or inadequacy and become our truest, authentic, abundant selves. 

Women everywhere deserve MORE! Join us for a deeply transformational month of claiming our birthright.

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Join our intimate circle of women who are actively embracing ABUNDANCE!

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Art by Arna Baartz

Meet your Guide:

Arna Baartz is an artist, writer, educator and poet. Her arts practice ranges in extremes from the creation of small and playful to large and serious. Most of Arna's work is an extension of her philosophical nature, bringing her gifts of personal insight and joy. Arna has won and been selected for many art awards including those of prestige and has had both art and words published extensively around the globe. Her first and favourite claim to fame however, was being held upside down and used as a paintbrush by Australian Artist, John Olsen. This fun was had at a workshop in St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane, 1973. Her writing and poetry has also been published throughout the world in a plethora of books, magazines and online forums.

Arna is delighted to have the opportunity to create in this lifetime. Her art, words and poetry are transcendental to a degree and offer the intention of unconditional love and hopefully a little dab of inspiration to anyone else on a similar journey. Arna's more recent publications include: My Abundant Universe, The Creative Warrior, The Animals Know it and The Sun is in my Mouth. You can find her work at

About the Book 

The change from lack to prosperity thinking might seem impossible or out of reach. It can be a scary concept for many of us—but it can still be what we deeply need and desire. We only need to find a way to turn the switch from fear of the unknown—to expecting something different.

My Abundant Universe  is an immediate experience—created to help you gain a deep understanding of what it takes to make conscious, positive change as quickly as is possible for you. In this book, we leap at the opportunity to explore our relationship to money. We take an unabashed look at the values we hold that either attract or repel prosperity. You will learn how to allow the Abundant Universe to turn your fear into an exciting prospect—full of potential and rewards.

Enjoy a simple and colorful perspective on financial abundance—as we open our hearts and acknowledge our natural state. Through art, quotes and intriguing suggestions, we discover we deserve to live a life of love, joy and prosperity!

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