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My Name is Goddess of Willendorf

Today more than ever, the image of the Goddess of Willendorf is a relevant one. Women and girls are bombarded with Photoshopped images of an "ideal" body shape that is quite literally unattainable. Remembering Willendorf's powerful story reminds us of the beautiful abundance of the female body, with all of her hills and valleys, lush softness, and fertility. You don't want to miss this body-positive celebration of the Great Mother Goddess!

“At last—the truth about the Goddess of Willendorf, Mother of All. No, we Her daughters are not all skinny like some male standard demands. Yes, some of us Her daughters have soft thighs. Yes, we Her daughters are of many colors and speak many languages. Our own daughters will be inspired by this beautifully illustrated book to see themselves more clearly and more gently.” 
-Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D., Author of Goddess Meditations, Practicing the Presence of the Goddess, and Finding New Goddesses

“Counters the toxic message of patriarchy...sets a new tone, a new and healthy narrative for women and girls.  Liberates us all from the shackles of self doubt and shame.  Promotes our own unique authenticity.” 
-Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, Author, Activist, Radio Show Host of Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Scheduled for late Fall 2019.

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