Goddess House

Inspired by our Willendorf anthology, my husband, Anders, began building an enormous Goddess of Willendorf statue in our front yard, modelled after the one outside of Vienna, but closer in proportions to the original (4.4 inches) Willendorf.

She is over 6ft tall and 4ft wide, weighing in at more than 2 tons. She is made primarily of cement made from sea shells, but also many upcycled materials, including broken pieces of my Grandmother's China, oyster shells, steel, chicken fence, steel wire, old tools, birds net, rope and more!) Her breasts are mixed with milk; Her womb and yoni are mixed with menstrual blood; her belly is filled with pasta, red wine and other goodies. Her head is filled with early proof copies of Girl God Books.

We unveiled Her on Saturday, October 23rd in celebration of the global 1000 Goddesses Gathering organized by Mare Cromwell. You can watch part of the ceremony below. You can find more information about this project on my blog.

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Trista Hendren

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