Out of Darkness She Speaks

This rich anthology of poetry and artwork has been inspired by the hidden and lost truths of the Feminine, once known as the Great Mother. 'Out of Darkness—SHE Speaks' transports you into the deep mystery of the Great Mother, from where Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna communicates the ancient Feminine wisdom, allowing us to remember these truths deeply rooted in our sacred being.

Through the words and images captured on these pages, you feel the presence of these subtle realms come alive within you. These words beg us to awaken to the reality of the Feminine; the deep truth of Love, inspiring us to live our lives from this sacred dimension within us. We realize that the SHE that speaks is not just the Divine Source surrounding us, but rather Her presence within us, our Feminine Soul. She is us, and we are Her. Ultimately, this book is truly an embodied expression of Soul… a calling to remember the deeper truth of our sacred nature that we have forgotten.

Praise for Out of Darkness— SHE Speaks

"If our world is to heal, we need to re-member and reclaim the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. In Out of Darkness— SHE Speaks, Dr. Leonor Murciano-Luna, with courage and insight, shares her own deep journey into the recovery of the Sacred Feminine wisdom within and, through her art and words, gives voice to the deep power and all-embracing love of the Great Mother who can heal and transform us all." -Heather Ensworth, Ph.D., risingmoonhealingcenter.com

"From out of the darkness she comes with the ancient teachings of the Divine Feminine, reclaimed. Leonor weaves spells with her art and word medicine and we are taken into the portal of remembering and therefore reclaiming and healing the feminine within ourselves and in our culture. This is the necessary work of our time. We can remember and reclaim our original sacred feminine selves - the women the earth needs now.

May the spells of Leonor reach far and wide and aid the return of the feminine, touching all deeply in their most sacred core to awaken in all the feminine."
-Jane Hardwicke Collings, www.janehardwickecollings.com

Out of Darkness— SHE Speaks is a treasure chest of visual and poetic musings offered through the language of the Heart. Leonor Murciano-Luna's creative weaving of words and sacred art evoke a magickal landscape that honours the Divine Feminine of time immemorial and offers a loving reconnection to the multi-faceted She who lives within."
-Achintya Devi, Priestess & Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School

"A beautiful book, to be savoured slowly and prayerfully. Let it touch you deeply as you share in the author's journey, and you will find that each page, each word and image, contains a gift that nourishes the soul with a resonance, an opening, a mystery. Gratitude for this Labour of Love."
-Melanie Reinhart, B.A., D.F. Astrol. S., Author of Chiron and the Healing Journey

"Out of Darkness— SHE Speaks takes us into the creative landscape of the feminine through poetry and art. Within these pages are an embodied expression of the energy of the deep feminine as expressed through the unique soul-print of Dr Leonor Murciano-Luna. She invites you to travel with her through the dark, the flow, the ecstatic joy, the pleasure and the creatrix that can come alive in all of us when we follow our jouissance."
-Carly Mountain, Author of Descent & Rising: Women's Stories & the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth

Printed in full color, this beautiful book is offered in paperback or hardcover with special pre-order pricing. Please note, the retail price will be significantly higher after the book is released to cover costs of color printing. We have offered a paperback version to keep the book affordable, but recommend the Special Hardcover Edition for this luscious book - so treat yourself if you can!

We have offered a paperback version to keep the book affordable, but recommend the Special Hardcover Edition for this luscious book - so treat yourself if you can!


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