Sacred Breasts

Girl God Books presents SACRED BREASTS, an inspirational anthology featuring artwork by Barbara O'Meara. In a culmination of wisdom, intuition, lived experiences, and the vast knowledge of contributing women writers we hear their energetic voices through essays, prose, poetry, prayer/song, sacred ritual, and much more - alongside motivational quotes by positive female role models. Packed with exhilarating, insightful, and honest writing from sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, goddess mothers, lovers, friends, healing practitioners, therapists, wise and wild women - as we learn to celebrate our breasts.

Wide-ranging topics covering our relationship with our breasts include: in the womb, girl-child, teenage years, puberty, body positivity, sacred sexuality, pregnancy or not, giving birth or not, breastfeeding or not, menopause, health and healing journeys, crone years, spiritual care, sacred ceremonies/ritual, adornment and breast mythology. 'Sacred Breasts' informs us, encouraging and gently motivating us to love our breasts. An empowering new book rousing women to fully live our breast lives.

Scheduled for September 2024.

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