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Excerpt from a girl's guide to taking over the world "revolutionary reads for babies and young children" 

The Girl God: a picture book to show girls that god can be a girl, god is inside, god is an idea, a positive action or good deed, god is open to creative interpretation and should be about everyone. A great book to dispel the myth that god is male with wonderful illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes. Empowerment for our girl children. More:!babies-and-young-children/c1y0y

"Read this book to your daughters and your grand daughters, and perhaps they will never doubt the validity of their inner voice. Read it to yourself to remind you of your own. Read it and weep. Read it and heal. Read it and smile with the relief that someone finally had the courage to tell our girls that God is not just for their brothers and their fathers. Walk away knowing that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is equally the God of Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel. But most importantly, walk away knowing there is a Girl God inside you too." -Monette Chilson, author of Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga

Yo mama!
So I just read The Girl God, and am delighted to share it with you. It is a children’s book, and like all the best stories for children, it holds deep wisdom for us all. As you might guess from the title, it is on a topic that is dear to me:  the divine feminine. The author,Trista Hendren, wrote the book for her children, and it is dedicated to her daughter, Helani Claire, who is the book’s main character—a little girl who needs to discover the divinity within herself while learning the traditions of both Christianity and Islam.  Hendren supports her story with quotations about the Goddess from around the globe, and each page is illustrated with Elisabeth Slettnes’ gorgeous depictions of the divine feminine in both nature and humanity. The three elements of this book—story, quotations, and illustrations—interweave to create a work of art that I will enjoy reading and rereading, to myself and to my children.

The Girl God is simple enough for younger children to understand but won’t alienate older children. My ten-year-old daughter enjoyed learning about the divine feminine within different religions, and was particularly interested in the book’s closing prayer, Patricia Lynn Reilly’s vision for global equality. This book will be one I treasure, for it is rare indeed—the articulation of the divine feminine for both children and adults, a bridge between our spiritual beginning and our spiritual future, a spark for the reawakening of humanity. More...

Philadelphia Weekly
The Girl God: A deceptively simple story about a whimsical young girl named Helani Claire, who would make Emily Dickinson smile as she deconstructs the patriarchal god of her father with the bluntness of a child. Akin to: If Kate Chopin was still alive, writing (and self-publishing) children's books. Elisabeth Slettnes' colorful paintings are feasts for the spirit, as are the addition of selected quotes and poems. Wisdom  abounds.   More...

North American Interfaith Network

I am happy to provide a review of this delightful new children’s book.  Like many fine children’s books, there is food for the soul of adults as well. This very real dilemma of an interfaith family, not so uncommon these days, and the daughter’s confusion is treated with both realism and poetic expression.  I think the book is a remarkable addition to interfaith literature for children and especially for young girls.  More...

Every Mother Counts
The Girl God tells the story of Trista and her daughter’s search for the feminine in spirituality in one of the most beautiful children’s books we’ve seen.  Illustrated by artist Elisabeth Slettnes whose oil and acrylic paintings grace every page (and give you something new to discover with every reading), the book is infused with poetry, quotes and spiritual texts from some of the greatest voices of all time.  Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Roosevelt, bell hooks, Gandhi and Rumi and others add their timeless wisdom to a story many mothers strive to tell their daughters about finding themselves in religion, but don’t know how.  More... / Girl Child Power
Complete with ethereal and captivating images to illustrate the text, an upcoming children’s book aims to change the next generation’s notions of gender through art and literature. Looking through one of the many feminist pages on Facebook last week, I found a link to a Facebook page called ‘The Girl God’. I was first attracted to this page for the beautiful and whimsical illustrations that went with the text, written by Elisabeth Slettnes. However, as I later read in the about section, I soon realised that this was all part of a project based on an upcoming book by Trista Hendren called ‘The Girl God’. Intrigued, I sought out the author and the artist, in order to discover the motivation behind their powerful work. She described ‘The Girl God’ to me as a project “to empower women and girls”, this book is described as a children’s book that “celebrates the Divine feminine.” Hendren created this work for her daughter, whom she could see was already affected by the patriarchal structure of society.  More...



"This book is a must for our daughters" - Christy Turlington

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