My Name is Medusa

The story of the greatly misunderstood Goddess, including why she likes snakes. 'My name is Medusa' explores the "scary" dark side, the potency of nature and the importance of dreams.

Arna Baartz gorgeously illustrates this tale by Glenys Livingstone, teaching children (big and small) that our power often lies in what we have been taught to fear and revile. 

Praise for My Name is Medusa
“My Name Is Medusa presents a conversation with a wise woman about change, growth, and depth of appreciation for life in the cosmos. The thoughtful text is quietly intriguing, while the artwork is exuberantly engaging.”
-Charlene Spretnak, author of Lost Goddesses of Early Greece

"What a beautiful book! If we can learn to love what we have been taught to fear—snakes, change, the dark, night, dreams, and so much more—then we can learn to love ourselves and our mother earth.”
-Carol P. Christ, author of Goddess and God in the World and A Serpentine Path

"A wonderful book of Snake Wisdom for kids, or not-kids, with insights about life, growth, change, dreams, and our relationship to the Whole.”
-Max Dashu, Suppressed Histories Archives

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