Inanna's Ascent
Reclaiming Female Power

When we think of Inanna, she is usually envisioned as the descending Goddess—and often, it is her time spent in the Underworld that most alluded to. While the Underworld, or the "shadow" is vital, it is equally important to remember what happens after the time spent in the darkness, the void, or the long dark tunnel. We descend our entire lives it seems—only coming up for brief moments of respite. Patriarchy pushes us down repeatedly—and sometimes, we just stay there.

Inanna's Ascent examines how females can rise from the underworld and reclaim their power, sovereignly expressed through poetry, prose and visual art. All contributors are extraordinary women in their own right, who have been through some difficult life lessons—and are brave enough to share their stories.

Edited by Trista Hendren, Tamara Albanna and Pat Daly

With contributions by:

Amanda Lee Morris, Annelinde Metzner, Annie Finch, Arna Baartz,
Benedetta Crippa, Carolina Pereira Miranda, Carolyn Boyd,
Chantal Khoury, Daphne Moon, DeAnna L'am, Rev. DiAnna Ritola,
Donna Snyder, Genevieve Deven, Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D.,
Hayley Arrington, Heather Mendel, Iriome R. Martín Alonso,
Iyana Rashil, Jaclyn Cherie, K. A. Laity, Laura Shannon,
Laura Tempest Zakroff, Lennée Reid, Liliana Kleiner, Ph.D.,
Lori Newlove, Lyn Thurman, Melanie Miner, Melissa Pandina,
Miriam Robbins Dexter, Ph.D., Molly Remer, Nina Erin Hofmeijer,
Sinem Koca, Sofia Wren, Susan Morgaine, Talia Segal,
Tamara Albanna, Nuit Moore, Patricia Ballentine, Tara Reynolds,
Trista Hendren and Vicki Scotti.

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