Cerridwen and the Cauldron: a Celtic Tale of Magic

Cerridwen is known as the Goddess of transformation in Welsh mythology. In her cauldron she stirs her wisdom brew, which was intended for her own son, Morfran. However, things do not quite go to plan. This is a story of plant magic, inspiration, and a mother's love. Cerridwen, and the young boy who stirs the cauldron, Gwion, take an initiatory journey, shapeshifting and moving through the elements of earth, water and air. This ancient story, retold by Emma Clark, with illustrations by Reti Toriella, brings into focus the multi-faceted nature of Cerridwen, who was loved by the Celtic Bards as a figure of inspiration and the bestower of the awen as well as being treated with suspicion and derision as a witch throughout history. This book redresses the balance and shows the reasons for the choices that Cerridwen makes along her magical path.

This book is scheduled for Fall 2024.

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