My Abundant Universe -
prosperity and the path of least resistance

The change from lack to prosperity thinking might seem impossible or out of reach. It can be a scary concept for many of us—but it can still be what we deeply need and desire. We only need to find a way to turn the switch from fear of the unknown—to expecting something different.

My Abundant Universe  is an immediate experience—created to help you gain a deep understanding of what it takes to make conscious, positive change as quickly as is possible for you. In this book, we leap at the opportunity to explore our relationship to money. We take an unabashed look at the values we hold that either attract or repel prosperity. You will learn how to allow the Abundant Universe to turn your fear into an exciting prospect—full of potential and rewards.

Enjoy a simple and colorful perspective on financial abundance—as we open our hearts and acknowledge our natural state. Through art, quotes and intriguing suggestions, we discover we deserve to live a life of love, joy and prosperity!

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