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The Girl God: a picture book to show girls that god can be a girl, god is inside, god is an idea, a positive action or good deed, god is open to creative interpretation and should be about everyone. A great book to dispel the myth that god is male with wonderful illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes. Empowerment for our girl children.”  –A Girls Guide to Taking Over the World

“This is a delightfully rich book that can spark conversation and reflection on many levels–and one worth returning to again and again.” –David Weiss, author of When God Was a Little Girl

“A deceptively simple story about a whimsical young girl named Helani Claire, who would make Emily Dickinson smile as she deconstructs the patriarchal god of her father with the bluntness of a child. Akin to: If Kate Chopin was still alive, writing (and self-publishing) children’s books. Elisabeth Slettnes’ colorful paintings are feasts for the spirit, as are the addition of selected quotes and poems. Wisdom abounds.” –Philadelphia Weekly

“A powerful celebration of the divine feminine. The illustrations speak directly to an active, inner imaginative space and will pull a child naturally to seek an understanding of Trista’s keen, insightful prose. The Girl God is a colorful and inventive addition for every parent’s library.” –Perri Birney, author of Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

Mother Earth is a book for the ages, one that parents should read to their children for generations— for its message of healing is one we must take to heart.” –Elizabeth Hall Magill, author of Defining Sexism

“The story form of the message of environmental awareness brings it home in a personal way. The illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes are a big part of the appeal, as are the quotations. I highly recommend Mother Earth.”
–Marilyn McFarlane, author of Sacred Stories

“Trista and Elisabeth have created another gorgeous illustrated story to impart wise, holistic values... this time about our environment, and done elegantly in metaphor and narrative. If only every child received this book... how differently we might treat Mother Earth—with gratitude, respect and awe.” –Amy Logan, author of The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice

Tell Me Why uses a reimagined version of the Genesis story of Adam and Eve as an opening to begin discussing the loss of Mother God with children, especially with boys. The book does a beautiful job of describing the loss that boys feel when they are denied the companionship of the feminine side of God and, consequently, a healthy relationship with women in their lives.” –Monette Chilson, author of Sophia Rising  

“Another gem from Trista Hendren and Elisabeth Slettnes. A beautiful and important message to all children, told here in the re-telling and re-writing of the Creation story, to Joey, by his mother. With Slettnes’ stunning artwork and inspirational quotes from other writers, Tell Me Why takes its place alongside The Girl God and Mother Earth as a future classic.”
–Ruth Calder Murphy, author of Spirit Song and Dance of the Days

“Trista Hendren has done it again. Incorporating beautiful pictures, meaningful quotes, and a story line that resonates she has created a wonderful book that will, hopefully, inspire hugely needed conversations between every boy, girl, man, and woman throughout the world.” –Peter Wilkes, author of A Woman Called God  

"Want to change the world in one generation? Every parent should read and share The Girl God with their children... and with their hurting inner child. It is full of stunning artistic illustrations by artist Elisabeth Slettnes. Both have collaborated in this extraordinary gift to humanity. A true masterpiece!" -Vrinda Puja


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ratings: 141 (avg rating 4.48)

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Tell Me Why Tell Me Why (The Girl God #3)
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Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak Whatever Works: Feminists of Faith Speak
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