Imagine a Woman

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There's a gift for you in each stanza of the IAW poem. I will assist you to unwrap the gift held within the stanza of your choice using our one-of-a-kind woman-affirming coaching model. Each course includes an intensive workbook you can work through - followed by a one-on-one 90-minute coaching session via Skype or phone.

In this course, you'll be invited to return home to yourself and the exquisite resources for conscious, joyful living that reside within you. You'll experience the IAW Reflective Process to support you to access those resources daily. As you reflect, an impulse toward wholeness will awaken within you. You'll rise from your slumber, splash cold water on your face, welcome the new day, and refashion the worlds you inhabit with clarity, courage, and strength.

The IAW Empowerment Program consists of the six sessions, including "Name Your Own Gods" and "Heal into the Present". Although each course is self-contained, the courses, in sequence, reflect IAW's distinctive Journey of Empowerment. The retreats will empower you in all seasons and situations of your life.

"The Journey Home" reminds you of the natural resources for authentic living that reside within you, and how to access them daily. Imagine a woman who discovers the way home to herself. A woman who descends into her own inner life. Who reunites with her essential self and reclaims her natural capacities. Imagine yourself as this woman.

"Heal into the Present" reminds you of the expressive capacities for resilient living that are your birthright, and how to access them daily. Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past's influence on the present. A woman who has walked through her past. Who has healed into the present. Imagine yourself as this woman.

"Author Your Own Life" reminds you of the creative intelligence you already possess, and how to access it to author your own life and self-understanding. Imagine a woman who authors her own life. A woman who trusts her inner sense of what's right for her. Who takes responsibility for the design and content of her life. Imagine yourself as this woman.

"Love Your Body" reminds you of the body-loving instincts of the child you once were, and of how to awaken them in every season of your life. Imagine a woman who is glad to be alive. A woman who has released body-scrutiny and -criticism. Who celebrates her body with reverence and respect. Imagine yourself as this woman.

"Name Your Own Gods" reminds you of your birthright of freedom and courage, and how to use this birthright to inspire and design your own spirituality. Imagine a woman who embodies her spirituality. A woman who honors her body as the sacred temple of the spirit of life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself. Imagine yourself as this woman.

"Relationships from the Inside Out" reminds you of the essential connection between self-love and the love of others, and how to experience your relationships from the inside out. Imagine a woman who turns toward herself with interest and attention. A woman who turns inward to listen, remember, and replenish. Whose capacity to be available to others deepens as she is available to herself. Imagine yourself as this woman.

Coaching sessions are available individually or as a complete package of 6.

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