A Deeper Wisdom

A Deeper Wisdom is for all women whether or not they've ever set foot in a recovery meeting. We've all wrestled with habits of thought and behavior that did not support the life we wanted. ADW's life-practice transforms self-criticism into self-compassion and the suffering that fuels habit-energy into joy.

“I am a woman whose life was transformed – maybe even saved – by the 12 steps. I have always bristled against the male-focused language of a program that showed me how to live again, but I have always loved the spiritual principles that underlay the words. With Patricia Lynn Reilly’s work, I am finally able to lean fully into a set of steps that align more deeply with my concept of the divine feminine, the force that has guided me in my personal recovery for more than three decades. Today, my own work is devoted to reminding women that they need to be supported to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery, which can of course include the 12 steps. I am beyond excited to introduce women in our worldwide women’s recovery movement to the 12 step philosophy via the beautiful and empowering framework that is A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Women’s Perspective.

-Dawn Nickel, PhD, Founder, SHE RECOVERS® Foundation

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